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The difference between bamboo fibre tableware and silicon tableware

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          The difference between bamboo fibre tableware is that bamboo fibre tableware mainly uses plants as raw materials, but silicon tableware is made from raw materials with certain chemical composition.


          Bamboo fiber tableware: bamboo fiber tableware is a new type of environmental protection tableware developed in recent years. In the narrow sense, the raw materials of bamboo fiber tableware only use bamboo powder, starch or vegetable glue, and do not contain any plasticizer or chemical agent. It can be completely degraded and does not contain harmful substances to human body. It has quickly won the favor of developed countries such as Europe, America, Japan and South Korea. At present, it is produced domestically. Bamboo fibre tableware is mainly through export channels, few people in China know or contact, bamboo fiber products include bamboo fiber mug/cup/bowl/plant/pot/plate/box


        Silicone tableware: Compared with ceramics, plastics and hardware tableware, silicon tableware cooperates well with temperature. Whether food is hot or cold, it can protect the temperature of food itself, reduce the change and loss of temperature. Food placed in a silicon bowl or basin can keep its original temperature for a period of time, and the corresponding temperature will not be transmitted to users when it is used. And the particularity of silica gel material itself, which is different from other materials, makes its products have amazing use effect. For example, silent food containers, after high temperature cooking, will not produce harmful substances. Moreover, the tableware can be folded, kneaded and turned over, which does not take up space in the pocket, and does not absorb oil stains. It has the function of desiccant and will not be mildewed or deteriorated due to long-term storage.


         Corn starch tableware: It is a biodegradable product, with corn starch as the main raw material, processed by high-tech production technology, natural conditions can degrade itself, avoiding environmental pollution, saving non-renewable resources such as petroleum. After testing by the authoritative testing department of the state, all the hygienic physical and chemical indicators meet the national standards, and it is widely used in the catering market at present, but it has suffered a lot. The ideal alternative to the controversial "sterile tableware". Corn starch-based biodegradable tableware is a pollution-free green product for human survival and environmental protection. It is advocated internationally and strongly supported by domestic policies.


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